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Thinkware was established in 1997, and have since become global leaders in video recording and GPS technologies. Their range of dash cams continues to grow, and they are making a big impact in countries around the world, with Australia their most recent market gain.

Thinkware doesn’t only want to provide excellent video quality, they also want to make vehicles safer through a range of innovative features. 

The aesthetically-pleasing designs of their award-winning dashboard cameras are sure to catch your eye. Once you’ve experienced Thinkware, you’ll never want a different brand of dash cam again.

The Thinkware F50 Full HD Dash Cam may be low in price, but the video quality is outstanding. Full HD 1080p thanks to the Sony CMOS Image Sensor inside, with different recording modes to choose from. The ‘incident recording’ mode is incredibly innovative; when the 3 axis G sensor in the camera identifies an impact, it will automatically save the 10 seconds of footage from before and after the collision. Talk about handy! 

The new Thinkware F750 Dash Camera Full HD 1080P embodies road and vehicle safety in so many ways! If you want to make sure you’re protected if an accident occurs, you need this dashboard camera. With the video quality of much more expensive brands, it also has an in-built Road Safety Warning System, with Front Collision and Lane Departure alerts. These sorts of ingenious features used to only be available in high-end cars, but now any car can experience the added safety with this Thinkware dash cam. It also has a Safety Camera Alert, that continuously looks for and alerts you to speed camera locations while driving. 

A 30 frames per second recording rate means that you’ll get HD vision of your trip, and when combined with the GPS antenna that’s built-in, the Thinkware F750 is always ready to keep you protected if you’re in an accident or someone does a hit and run on your car. You’ll get excellent quality footage, backed by time and location stamps for extra proof. Combine these amazing features with the fail-safe recording function, and you’ll be able to protect yourself and your car.

For those of you who demand the best video quality from any audiovisual device you purchase, you need the top of the line Thinkware Q800 Pro 2K Full HD Dash Camera. With a sleek design that’s virtually undetectable from the road, the Thinkware Q800 Pro not only has the same Road Safety Warning System as the Thinkware F750, it also records in 2K QHD 1440P thanks to the STARVIS by Sony sensor and has Super Night Vision 2.0 for enhanced image quality in low light.

Check out our range of Thinkware dash cameras below: