Viper 3400VR 1-Way Security System

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Viper 3400VR 1-Way Security System

When it’s peace of mind you’re looking for, Viper delivers in the affordable 3400. Control your system with two 4-button Viper remotes with range up to 1,500 feet.

Product Features

    • Zone-2 Impact sensor


    • Fault-proof starter interrupt


    • Nuisance Prevention


    • Warn-Away


    • Revenger siren


    • Two 4-button remote controls


    • Keyless entry and AUX functions


    • Comfort closure

System Features

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty


    • Fault-proof starter interrupt


    • Six-Tone Siren


    • Zone 2 Shock Sensor


    • Warn-Away (lower-level response)

Fault-proof starter interrupt

Keep your car where you parked it with this layer of protection against “hot-wiring” by car thieves.
Zone-2 impact sensor

Detects blows or impacts to your vehicle with this 2-stage sensor that can react either with chirps or the full wrath of the siren.
Nuisance Prevention® Circuitry (NPC®)

Neighborhood-friendly anti-false alarm technology