Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner G180124

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Completely safe on ALL wheel finishes and brake components Colour-activated gel formula for superior cling and dwell time Dissolves brake dust AND road grime with no nasty smell Meguiar's most advanced wheel cleaner ever. Innovative gel formula clings longer for a deeper, more effective clean. The powerful blend of road grime attacking surfactants and active brake dust dissolving agents turns brake dust purple and road grime brown, as it gently loosens these stubborn contaminants. Unlike other colour-changing wheel cleaners, there's no horrible smell. And being acid free and pH balanced, it's SAFE ON ALL TYPES OF WHEELS! Making it tough on road grime and brake dust Ð not on your wheels, or brake components. By delivering powerful, yet safe cleaning performance, regular wheel maintenance is easy as; spray, rinse and dry!

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