Viper 5906VR 2-Way OLED Colour

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The Viper 5906VR Responder HD features Viper's most advanced color remote, with up to a 1.5km operating range, 2-way security, and remote start system. It boasts an upgraded user interface, a mini-USB charging port, and a patented menu wheel. Viper's development team has spared no effort in creating the ultimate color keychain remote control.

As a result, the Viper 5906VR Responder HD, winner of the CES Innovations Award, sets new standards in vehicle security and remote start systems. Key achievements include:

  • Viper's first color remote with a 1.5km range using 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Technology (SST).
  • A brand-new user interface featuring the patented Viper Menu Wheel.
  • Custom Viper animations to confirm user commands and illustrate system events on a 128 x 128 pixel OLED high contrast panel, with 262K and 65K full colors, a wide 160° viewing angle, and an anti-glare polarizer for enhanced daylight visibility.
  • The OLED display panel on the 5906VR Responder HD is 20% larger than previous LCD panels on keychain remotes.

Viper has created a sophisticated yet intuitive remote control, surpassing competing security products. It guides new users through system operation on-screen and provides extensive real-time information for power users. The redesigned manual layout allows users to explore the remote's features, with easy-to-find explanations for any unexpected occurrences.

The built-in Info Center on the 5906VR Responder HD status screen displays essential information, such as remote start run-time, vehicle interior temperature, Countdown and Parking Meter timers, and warnings at 15 minutes, 5 minutes, and expiration. Users can stop, start, or clear timers directly from the Status Screen using the Menu Wheel.

For two-car operations, the 5906VR Responder HD automatically checks the availability of a paired second vehicle, updating the status screen with necessary information such as whether the vehicle needs disarming or if the engine is running.

The security system sensor status is reported in real-time. When arming with an active security zone, the remote identifies the active zone by name and displays a special icon on the Status Screen. It can report up to seven active zones by name. Additionally, for the first time, the 5906VR Responder HD reports any sensors bypassed by the Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC™) feature, displaying a special Sensor Status icon. Any changes in sensor status are communicated to the remote, which then updates the All Zones OK icon.

Users can bypass sensors by selecting the desired level and sensors, with the remote identifying bypassed sensors by name on-screen. The Sensor Status icon updates accordingly each time the Status Screen is displayed.

If a user attempts to operate a security or remote start feature that is not available, the 5906VR Responder HD identifies the fault for quick resolution.

The Viper 5906VR Responder HD establishes a new level of connection between drivers and their vehicles. From up to 1.5km away, users can maintain constant contact using an advanced, full-color interface on their 5906VR Responder HD keychain remote.

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